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  • Coating purification workshop

    Coating purification workshop

    With the improvement of people\'s living standards, the manufacturers of coating purification workshops are getting higher and higher quality of the items used and the food they eat. For example, the emergence of smart phones to completely ...

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  • Electronic data recovery room

    Electronic data recovery room

    The Data Recovery Lab is a clean, standards-compliant clean space for data recovery. The data recovery laboratory is divided into several modules: purification and cleaning unit, air shower equipment, clean and clean clean bench, and data r...

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  • TFT workshop

    TFT workshop

    TFT, LCD purification workshop, clean room design planning and decoration: TFT-LCD (color thin film transistor liquid crystal display) is mainly used in computers, video terminals, communications and instrumentation industries. The main app...

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  • SMT clean room

    SMT clean room

    Smt (short for SurfaceMountedTechnology) is surface mount technology (surface mount technology), which is a popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry.

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  • PCB dust purification workshop

    PCB dust purification workshop

    Workshop requirements: cutting, drilling, copper, graphic transfer, graphic plating, film removal, etching, green oil, characters, gold-plated fingers, molding

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