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  • Cosmetics GMP workshop

    Cosmetics GMP workshop

    Good Mamufacture Practice GMP is a government-mandated legal regulation for the production, packaging, and storage of food, cosmetics, and food. It ensures a good production management system for food, medicine, and cosmetics.

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  • Children's cosmetics workshop

    Children's cosmetics workshop

    The air in the second production room, semi-finished product storage room, filling room, cleaning container storage room, changing room and buffer zone should be cleaned or disinfected according to the needs of the production process, maint...

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  • Makeup and cleansing workshop

    Makeup and cleansing workshop

    The layout of the production workshop should meet the production process and hygiene requirements to prevent cross-contamination. The dressing room, buffer zone, raw material pre-input room, weighing room, production room, semi-finished pro...

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