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LCD clean room

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LCD clean room
  • LCD clean room

LCD technology, production of TN type, STN type, CSTN type ITO conductive glass and color filter, technology covers cutting edge grinding, polishing, tempering, vacuum magnetron sputtering coating, lithography, graphic processing, chemistry of ultra-thin glass substrates Vapor deposition (CVD) film formation, dry etching technology, wide viewing angle, transflective TFT, flexible TFT, thinning technology, CNC engraving, laser cutting, silk screen printing, FOG, AFC coating, full bonding, etc. Series of precision technology

LCD is extremely demanding on clean technology

Ceiling system: including booms, girder and ceiling lattice beams, the materials are generally: color steel plates and dust-free plates.

air conditioning system: including the main engine, air duct, filter system, FFU, etc.

partition wall board: including windows, doors, the material is color steel plate, but the color steel plate has a variety of cores.

Floor: raised floor or anti-static PVC floor or epoxy floor.

lighting equipment: using dust-free special lamps.

Undertake: sales and installation of purification equipment across the country

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