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Cosmetic clean room

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Cosmetic clean room
  • Cosmetic clean room

In the design and equipment of the plant, it is required to remove dust, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and control the temperature, humidity, airflow and static electricity of the workshop within a certain range, which is 100,000. 300,000 grade and other purification standards.

According to the "Standards for the Production of Cosmetics Production" after the "Two Certificates of Integration" of the State Food and Drug Administration, manufacturers must obtain a new version of the "Cosmetics Production License", and submit a test report that can prove that the production environmental conditions meet the requirements, with special mention : For the production of eye care, baby and children's skin care cosmetics, the air cleanliness of the filling room and clean container storage room of the production workshop should reach 300,000 level.

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